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[43][44], In 2007 only 24 of 353 Labour MPs were members of the Socialist Campaign Group and party rules required nominations from 45 MPs (12.5% of the Parliamentary Labour Party) to make it onto the ballot paper. Distasteful might have been better. 0s. Enquiry as they were gathering their evidence? Hopefully on the right side of history. 47 Labour MPs voted against the proposals including Campaign Group members Ken Livingstone, Ronnie Campbell, Tony Benn, Jeremy Corbyn, Ann Cryer, Alan Simpson, John McDonnell, Dennis Skinner, Audrey Wise, and Diane Abbott. It got posted on the next report too. With everyone concentrating on just surviving the Tory government then its good that you continue to highlight a silent poison flouride in water.IF there was any benefit from adding flouride to fresh water without any problems then we and Cafod would have done so years ago when providing free clean water from boreholes in the third world countries.,.I am retired but not de..commisioned and will continue in a small way to defend ordinary people especially the working-class who are invisible to the authorities across the world. News, politics, insights, inside information from the left. While all around you crumbles to dust. It is the funding model that makes me most uncomfortable. The UK is completely different so any such group in the UK would, just like the SCG, be largely a talking shop. Abbott secured the first-preference votes of 7 MPs: Diane Abbott, Katy Clark, Jeremy Corbyn, Kelvin Hopkins, John McDonnell, Linda Riordan and Mike Wood. The Neo-Liberal Labour Right are in complete control. Just saying !! Is that a genuine hope of just a way to have a dig at the SCG? Socialist Campaign Group Rally 1,606 views Streamed live on Sep 21, 2020 111 Dislike Share Save Arise Festival 2.15K subscribers Join members of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs. Jon Trickett MP An 'MPs Strategic Coordination Proposal' document, obtained by Skwawkbox, says that the group's budget to March of this year will be almost 32,000, with a first year of operations costing 133,000. [56], On 12 September 2015 Corbyn was elected Leader of the Labour Party in a landslide victory, with 59.5% of first-preference votes. If youd like to help it keep revealing the news as it is and not what the Establishment wants you to hear and can afford to without hardship pleaseclick hereto arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal orhereto set up a monthly donation via GoCardless (SKWAWKBOX will contact you to confirm the GoCardless amount). and it is a brilliant film definitely to be recommended! If you wish to receive more information, fill in the form below. Its up to us the people on the ground whod rather not give-up on the despicable and often authoritarian (show me your papers) Labour party. Their trajectory is obvious, theres no need to wait and see. Below is the full text of the Socialist Campaign Group statement and its signatories. MPs using their training budget (Im not sure if thats from party funds or part of their parliamentary expenses) to fund this seems cheeky. . Ian Byrne MP Astonishing! These people are not even vaguely socialist. a new structure and I wouldnt blame anyone Former Shadow Home Secretary. It could also be, that she is a democrat too and finds difficult to breath in the stench of fascism that the Labour leadership is producing right now. Oh and you can add Sam Tarry from the above list. [45] However, although Meacher gave his support to McDonnell following Blair's resignation not all of his supporters switched allegiance, leaving McDonnell short of the nominations required and leading to Gordon Brown becoming leader unopposed. This seems like a document which was submitted to the Forde Labour MP for Wansbeck and former trade union leader. To avoid this party officials changed the rules mid-contest, at the suggestion of Gould, to allow MPs who had already nominated a candidate to withdraw and support another instead. [19] Backbench Labour MPs, led by the Campaign Group, opposed these plans, speaking and voting against them in Parliament. JC supports us but so called Socialists are nowhere to be found. A number of MPs who did not join SCG colleagues in calling for the reinstatement of Corbyn earlier this month have signed the latest joint declaration, but some SCG members are still missing from the list. Corbyn was reinstated as a party member by a panel of five Labour national executive committee (NEC) members on Tuesday, after being suspended from the party by general secretary David Evans in October. Corbyn's opponents in the National Executive Committee were alleged by Robert Peston to have sought to "fix"[65] the result by increasing the fee for becoming a registered supporter from 3 to 25 and excluding from voting the 130,000 new members who had joined in the previous 6 months. ", This page was last edited on 30 January 2023, at 22:23. John McDonnell, then Chair of the Socialist Campaign Group, argued "Our sincere hope is that the prime minister desists from relying upon a [David] Cameron coalition to force his education policies through in the face of this overwhelming opposition within the parliamentary Labour party. [52] Ed Miliband went on to win the leadership election. The Centre-Left was an elitist alliance between parliamentary supporters of former Labor leader Bill Hayden (who had resigned in favor of Bob Hawke) and smaller state party officials who feared the move away from equal state representation at National Conferences would lead to a loss of influence. We all kow what they should be doing is planning a new party. All candidates in the Labour leadership election earlier this year pledged to implement an independent process, and this is a compulsory move following the publication of the final EHRC report on Labour antisemitism. Didnt dentists use to push toothpastes full of it for years? [2] Corbyn was immediately nominated by Campaign Group MPs including John McDonnell (who became chair of his campaign), Diane Abbott, Ronnie Campbell, Kelvin Hopkins, Michael Meacher, Dennis Skinner, Richard Burgon, Clive Lewis and Cat Smith. I wont give up. Corbyn spoke at 15 rallies from London to Hastings to Aberdeen, reached more than 10 million people with his Remain messages on social media, made six statements in the Commons and put forward Remain arguments during interviews on Sky, BBC, ITV and Channel 4. [9], In 2005, Blair's government announced plans to encourage every school to become an independent self-governing trust. The Board of Deputies of British Jews president Marie van der Zyl welcomed Starmers withholding of the Labour whip from Corbyn and described the move as an appropriate leadership decision. He doesnt care coz hes well minted and it doesnt affect his life. [9], Tony Blair enthusiastically carried on Kinnock's attempts to "delegitimise the left". As a clear grouping, it emerged in Parliament from members of the left-wing Tribune Group who did not support Tony Benn's 1981 deputy leadership bid. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. This new organising space for left MPs should in the first instance focus on innovating with newparliamentary tactics and media interventions to push issues like the Green New Deal in the runup to COP26 and off the back of it. Mary Foy MP However, this was the largest rebellion a Labour government had ever suffered at the third reading of a Bill.[25]. The squawking one claims: [22], Socialist Campaign Group MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Tam Dalyell, along with Tony Benn, (who had been in the Socialist Campaign Group until he stood down as an MP at the 2001 General Election) were among the most high profile of the initial sponsors of the Stop the War Coalition at the meeting on 21 September 2001, along with figures such as Tariq Ali, Harold Pinter, Andrew Murray and Lindsey German, who became the convenor of Stop the War. Yesterdays decision to reinstate Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour Party was the correct one and should be implemented across all levels of the party. "[16] Labour Party historian Alex Nunns described how "Left-wing hopefuls, like Christine Shawcroft or Mark Seddon, were stopped at all costs. [9] Tony Benn described the relationship of the campaign against the Poll Tax with the Labour Party: "The main credit for defeating this monstrosity [the Poll Tax] must go to those, first in Scotland and then in England and Wales, who organised the anti-poll tax unions and the federation that brought them together, for without their brilliant leadership and the mass rallies which they organised the Tories might just have got away with it. Hes the proverbial waste of space as leader of Labour. [57], During the 2016 referendum Corbyn led Labour in campaigning to remain. Not in my book at least. The site is provided free of charge but depends on the support of its readers to be viable. He should be reinstated as soon as possible so we can focus on implementing the EHRC recommendations., Statement following tonights meeting of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs. [36], Bernie Grant sought nominations as the Campaign Group candidate for Deputy Leader. Id like to be able to be a community-member of this new group, but not need to rejoin Labou to be so. Both McDonnell and Meacher agreed that whichever of them had the support of fewer Labour MPs at the point of Tony Blair's resignation would withdraw from the campaign and support the other. [36] The scale of this defeat was a surprise to Benn, in particular the decline in support from CLPs since the 1983 election, and strengthened Kinnock's position, which he used to take the party further towards centrism. The Socialist Campaign Group, also known as the Campaign Group, officially Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs is a left-wing , democratic socialist grouping of Labour Party Members of Parliament in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. I followed her campaign. Hope Im not proved wrong. anyone care to guess if Starmer is one of them ? who set such a brilliant example of pretending to be one thing [25], 14 Campaign Group MPs, working with other Labour backbenchers, sought to block the plans by proposing an alternative plan for education. One member of the group told Skwawkbox that setting it up did not constitute a split of the the existing left MPs group, but did not respond when asked to confirm that this meant there was no intention to leave the SCG. To support the SKWAWKBOX and raise awareness of the independent Left media, visit our store for T-shirts, hoodies and more. (Monty Pythons). In light of this, the decision to not restore the whip to Jeremy Corbyn is wrong and damaging to the Labour Party. Hmmmmm. Richard Burgon MP The Socialist Campaign Group, officially the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs and also known as the Campaign Group, is a left-wing, democratic socialist grouping of the Labour Party 's Members of Parliament in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. Liberals, set up liberal thing. Mr Loach announced his exclusion from the party through Twitter on Saturday. Until that is done the Gulf War will be the first of many such wars where Western countries declare war on Third World countries, allegedly for reasons of international law but in reality for an unjust economic order and against people attempting to claim their right to self-determination like the Kurds. Three candidates sought nominations: John Smith, the favourite, regarded as being "from the right" of the party, Bryan Gould, from the "centre-left" and Ken Livingstone, the Campaign Group candidate. However, this time rather than a new 'rank and file' initiative, it seems that a group of 11 Campaign Group MPs and one member of the Scottish parliament are forming a new parliamentary caucus. SKWAWKBOX needs your help. Its 17 . Has the Overton window moved that far? So, these MPs and MSP are going to fund this, in part, with 1000 payments from their training budget? [9] Members of the Socialist Campaign Group also led a "direct action protest" in the House of Commons by refusing to sit down in order to force a debate on the strike. They were trying to buy bolt-cutters to cut the fences at Greenham Common, but anytime they turned up at a shop anywhere near, they were denied the right to buy them. The statement referred to the views of the leaders of seven trade unions, in which the heads of the Labour-affiliated organisations expressed serious concerns about the manner of and rationale for suspension of the former party leader. Paula Barker MP calling Boris Johnson a liar, actions involving dresscodes, taking theknee in the chamber etc. They are: Clive Lewis Dawn Butler Lloyd Russell Moyle Nadia Whittome Labour whip Nav Mishra Kim Johnson Rachel Maskell Rachel Hopkins Olivia Blake Shadow minister Sam Tarry Paul Sweeney MSP. Following the 1997 General Election, 7% of Labour MPs were members of the Campaign Group. The paper published articles by Campaign Group MPs alongside left wing Labour Party activists and trade unionists. They are only copying their leader after all The following members resigned their membership of the Campaign Group in 1985 in a show of support for Neil Kinnock's reforms:[79], The following members resigned their membership of the Campaign Group in 1988 in protest at Tony Benn's decision to challenge Neil Kinnock for the Labour leadership that year:[80]. Can I ask you why you think hes a Socialist? This campaign had no support at all from the Labour Party at a national level, no official party rallies being organised, and those who rallied were singled out for disciplinary action, many being expelled from the party just because they were active in the movement, and some prospective local and parliamentary candidates were refused endorsement by the NEC merely for their principled refusal to pay."[14]. Rosie Duffield about to leave Labour according to Guardian website. Katy Clark Speaking as a grass-roots socialist and trade unionist : All the rest capitulated to Starmer. Members of the Campaign Group have been the first to be at the forefront of mass campaigns on trade union rights, private equity, council housing, public services and against the war We consistently raise uncomfortable issues and support campaigns that no other parliamentarians will touch, on issues like asylum, deportations, international trade union and human rights, campaigns for those killed or injured at work, safety of vulnerable workers, including sex workers, cuts in legal aid and English for speakers of other languages funding. All the previous criticisms of the 60 or so prior cross-sectional studies, showing lowered IQ associated with fluoride, were addressed in the Bashash 2017 study. Kay Clark [23], The Coalition organised what is widely thought to be the largest demonstration in British history, when on 15 February 2003, over a million people[24] marched against the War in Iraq. I maybe didnt choose the right word. Does that feel wrong to anybody else, or is it just me? Originally called the Gay Labour Group, [3] the purpose of this organisation is to campaign within the Labour Party and wider Labour movement to promote the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ( LGBT) peoples, and to encourage members of the LGBT community to support the Labour Party. Kate Osborne MP "[26], With Tory support, the reforms were eventually passed by 422 to 98 votes. Grahame Morris MP Beth Winter MP, John Hendy The Socialist Campaign Group was founded in 1982 due to a disagreement within the Labour left, traditionally organised around the Tribune Group, about whom to back in the 1981 deputy leadership election. I think that the most worrying thing about this initiative is lack of understanding displayed by the signatories as to the nature of the Starmer-Evans leadership. Days after berating the West, former shadow minister Richard Burgon, secretary of the hard Left Socialist Campaign Group . The way to operate in the UK is for them to be active in extra-parliamentary campaigns and the trade union movement. No further comment is necessary. Nearly every one of the twenty-odd ex-members of the Campaign Group sitting in the 198792 Parliament was appointed to the front bench shortly after leaving the group. To support the SKWAWKBOX and raise awareness of the independent Left media, visit our store for T-shirts, hoodies and more. Our preference is likely for a new legal structure if Lloyd is able to administer but wed likeopinions on this. There have been nine Labour Leadership Elections since the formation of the Socialist Campaign Group: 1983, 1988, 1992, 1994, 2007, 2010, 2015, 2016 and 2020. Paul Smith the science and The Science (that supports the shamful, harmful and pathogenically dangerous Covid Narrative) are two very different things. Temporary commission in the military as an officer , Lets see what they deliver from their wish list. Not forgetting the ubiquitous, thank you for your service, mantra. Thanks. First published in March 1986,[73] Socialist Campaign Group News was the monthly magazine of the Campaign Group. Although Blair was able to win these votes with the support of Conservative MPs, 139 Labour MPs voted against his plans for war, one of the largest rebellions ever seen in the Commons. In the US, a relatively small group in the Senate/HoR can exert significant pressure, particularly when their party holds the presidency and has a tenuous hold on the two houses. Party workers were tasked with personal lobbying for the leaderships preferred choice, or were even told to chase up certain postal votes but not others. Not sure what they are up to but Everything changed in 2015. [38], Labour's electoral college was weighted 40% to affiliated unions, 30% to Constituency Labour Parties (CLPs) and 30% to MPs in the Parliamentary Labour Party. Blair ally Patricia Hewitt was alleged to have described the rebellion as a "conspiracy organised by the Socialist Campaign Group"[20]. office possibly that is why it has taken them so long to produce What does that actually mean? Kim Johnson MP It would be accurate, at least. Just reading a cracking book, Why We Cant Afford The Rich by Andrew Sayer. [9] Socialist Campaign Group MPs made up a significant number of these including Tony Benn, who gave his full support to the campaign and spoke at the 200,000 strong anti-Poll Tax demonstration in Trafalgar Square,[11] and Jeremy Corbyn who appeared at Highbury Magistrates' Court in 1991 for not paying his poll tax bill of 481. Why dont you rename your self as the liberal box? to get rid of Starmer I would not blame them for hiding their [5], The Campaign Group subsequently organised itself around opposition to the direction the party took under the leadership of Kinnock and his successors. 18 Socialist Campaign Group MPs in parliament have signed a statement declaring that they oppose the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn and calling for the disciplinary action to be "quickly reversed". However, Margaret Beckett, who had been a member of the Campaign Group until 1988, was nominated by 18 Campaign Group MPs, with 5 nominating John Prescott. Labour historians have identified the campaign against the Poll Tax as a "huge victory" for the Labour left who campaigned in alliance with the extra-parliamentary socialist left "against one of the most reactionary pieces of legislation dreamt up in the modern age". It was released shortly before Unite general secretary Len McCluskey declared that he was astonished at the withdrawal of the whip, saying it was vindictive and vengeful and shows marked bad faith. On Monday evening, MPs from the Socialist Campaign Group (SCG) issued a statement through Twitter denouncing the government's coronavirus policy as "class war.". Its the electoral equivalent of a drunk looking in the light of a street lamp, for something lost in the dark across the road. In October, the Socialist Campaign Group produced a pamphlet called "Winning the Future", which proposed solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.[30]. The right to equality of treatment under just laws, free from all discrimination based upon class, sex, race, life-style or beliefs. It was at a meeting of the Campaign Group in June 2015 that the decision was taken that Jeremy Corbyn would contest for the leadership of the Labour Party. Tahir Ali MP Totally off subject but thought I whould throw that in there as I have messed around in this field for many years now and vertebral every smith that uses it has to mask up because its not pleasant stuff. Holby -I like your sense of humour. John McDonnell MP Starmer is not for turning, so what do they have in their armoury to force him too? a fair report? Signed (32 names) [36], Neil Kinnock resigned just three days after he lost his second General Election, and tried to persuade candidates other than John Smith to stand aside so as to avoid a contest. Whats the name of this new group of 12? the police must have known what was going on at the time. To be fair the victims were remembered in Parliament at [37] The decision to run led to a number of MPs leaving the Campaign Group including Clare Short, Margaret Beckett, Jo Richardson and Joan Ruddock. Among its planned funding streams are a levy of 1,000 per MP to be taken from their training budgets and contributions from. [43], No Campaign Group MPs backed Tony Blair, who went on to win the contest. This reduced the previous weighting in favour of MPs and Trade Unions. 1981 Labour Party deputy leadership election, 200,000 strong anti-Poll Tax demonstration, 1983 Labour Party leadership election (UK), 1988 Labour Party leadership election (UK), 2007 Labour Party leadership election (UK), 2010 Labour Party leadership election (UK), 2015 Labour Party leadership election (UK), 2016 Labour Party leadership election (UK), 2020 Labour Party leadership election (UK), "The Tax That Helped Destroy Margaret Thatcher", "The Poll Tax: The battle that brought down Thatcher", "The wilderness years: how Labour's left survived to conquer", "Blair's Coup d'Etat or Why the PLP is so right wing", "Lone parents' benefit cut: What makes Harriet Harman tick? Build bridges with Starmer, secure their careers as Labour MPs as the real left is driven out. Arwyn, Rosie Duffield does probably believes that comes the next General Election she stands better chances at retaining her seat as a LibDem MP. This new initiative does not smell good to me. Cant see him here: It doesnt matter. For example: is it because Richard Branson who resides in the Virgin Islands and yes, his State pension is frozen? I had wrestled with this decision for 13 months. Delusional is a serious mental illness and shouldnt be funded by sane people when this lot will be unemployed in eighteen months time.. The right to a good home for all in which to live, bring up children and care for all dependents. Steering the right of a nominally leftwing party to the left sounds familier, Bernie Sanders with the Dumbocrats. Corbyn had issued a response to the EHRC report into antisemitism within the Labour Party, in which he argued the scale of the [antisemitism] problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents. Issues regularly covered included: women's liberation, Black Sections, international liberation struggles, internal Labour Party democracy and elections, reports from the National Executive Committee, proposed resolutions for Labour Party Conference, socialist economic policy, disabled people's rights, Northern Ireland and the Conservative Party. Stark I dont know if it is wrong or not .. it could Christine Blower I have tried being nice and also tried shaming them. If youd like to help it keep revealing the news as it is and not what the Establishment wants you to hear and can afford to without hardship pleaseclick hereto arrange a one-off or modest monthly donation via PayPal orhereto set up a monthly donation via GoCardless (SKWAWKBOX will contact you to confirm the GoCardless amount). "[12], The scale of public opposition in both polls and in the streets have been identified as one of the key causes of the end of Thatcher's premiership.[13]. The Socialist Campaign Group ( SCG ), also known as the Campaign Group, is a left-wing, democratic socialist grouping of Labour Party Members of Parliament in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom . For doing precisely sod all if they so choose. is suspicious. Dan Carden MP Since theyve mostly BEEN members of the SCG, who have gone very quiet since Starmer, I wouldnt get your hopes up. And all they have is their heads but they say We wont nut you as a tiny minority we will try to persuade you hmm. My grandfather was apprenticed to be a plumber before he joined the colours and went off to the Somme. But ask how she got her rank without the 15 years service? Absolutely right Andy. Seems to be a gang of soft left MPs going through very expensive PR exercise for themselves. But thats all the SCG ever seems to do, talk about anything but the matter that counts, the pointlessness of staying in the Starmer party. All of them Fake Left absolutely sickening! Jim.I think it means not sacking the servants and cutting their wages very new age neo liberal alliance. These schools would, like academies, determine their own curriculum and ethos, appoint the governing body, control their own assets, employ their own staff and set their own admissions policy. The Campaign Group backed Eric Heffer and Michael Meacher in their unsuccessful bids for the leadership and deputy leadership in 1983. Ian Mearns MP For 14 years Gaza has been under siege. In 2010 nominations from 33 MPs (12.5% of the Parliamentary Labour Party) were required to make it onto the ballot paper. Joseph Ive been meaning to thank you for the very interesting link in your recent post about Borax which particularly interested me as I suffer quite badly from arthritis.

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