To innerstand is to stand in something, also stand in a situation. Looking inwards and empowering. To much understanding not enough innerstanding. To understand is to stand under something, someone or knowledge.

Elevate Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Innerstand is a Canadian based company created by Alistair J Ringland to help people live healthy lifestyles using tools and techniques that empower the user in many different ways. These unique card programs were developed and structured in a way that generates change easily, so that anyone can use at anytime. Making obtainable changes and learning everyday without having to commit large amounts of time. These programs are very effective and combine techniques that have never been put together in a format like this before.



“As a strong believer in affirmations, I got the Innerstand card program to help with daily affirmations. I love how it helps me to ask the deeper questions that really matter. They also get me to take immediate action.”


“Worth the investment into oneself and even for you and your lover. The Relationship pack helped me elevate my love life with lady, the Doer is helping me get off my *ss! Lol.”

Alex CDesigner

“I recently have been going through some "shadow work" and my friend bought me the Feeler pack thinking it would help. So far so good! I feel lighter and know I am guided.”

Jess CarisoDeveloper

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